Non-Profit Consultant and Writer


Consultant: a person who gives professional or expert advice

I created Mission Kick Content and Consulting to apply the same insights and skills I used to lead successful organizations for over 25 years for the benefit of other leaders. The obstacles my agencies faced are common to the world of non-profits, whatever their mission, culture and goals may be.  I  partner with nonprofit leaders to identify areas in which I can help them solve problems and build capacity.

For 15 years I directed ICAN Housing, where we ended every year with a budget surplus. We used strengths based personnel principles to allocate work according to employee’s competencies. We consistently achieved our performance goals in serving hundreds of homeless people each year. In my prior role as Executive Director of Pyramid Career Services I led the agency from the brink of bankruptcy to solid financial status.

Nonprofit professionals like you are facing an unprecedented time of volatility in government and public policy objectives and funding. Yet every day you must make the best of what you have to achieve your organization’s mission and vision. I can assist you in the assessment, planning and implementation of solutions.

Beyond leadership building I am an experienced writer with a Journalism background. I can turn your agency narrative into compelling copy for donors, customers, internal communications, agency organizational documents, policies and procedures and to raise your public image. Your story is key to successful management, fundraising and growth. Let’s make sure it’s heard by the people you need to support you and your mission.