Consulting Services

Operations – Process Matters!

Operations Evaluation and Recommendations

Process Matters!  

  • Review agency operations policies and procedures for one or more projects or departments
  • Provide recommendations to strengthen integrity of the process while maintaining realistic about available personnel and resources

Operations – Process Matters!


Impress the Auditors 

Record-keeping and Tracking Systems

How you will track and measure accomplishments must be part of your program design. In fact, putting together your system will show you any flaws that you must fix. It’s easy to promise rosy outcomes to customers and donors in the heat of convincing them to bring their business to you.  

There’s a reason that Strategic Plans often sit on your digital shelf. It can reflect a consensus from all of your stakeholders about what your company goals are and what steps you will take to implement them. But how does your action plan measure up in the day-to-day crush in the real world?  

We can take your plan to the next level and build teams around the tasks. Let’s analyze what skills are needed for the tasks and who has them, then bring them together to get more done.

  1. Team Planning and Collaborations
    • Strengths based
    • Clear understanding of their objectives, action steps and available resources
  1. Project Planning and Development Never Ends
    • Create new projects or update existing ones to align with company mission, current best practices and strategic plan
    • Identify staff needs and strengths they need to bring to the table
    • Develop program work plan that informs staff of tasks, timeline, needed resources, tracking and reporting requirements

Do you develop your strategic plan from the top down? That approach may include feedback from many stakeholders – not just the management team. Even so, day to day realities can distract staff from the best laid plans.